Taking into account the requirements of state organisations
we develop solutions that allow for maximum
level of productivity.

  • Office suite for professional work

    MyOffice is a professional cross-platform office software suite that serves as your platform for collaborative editing, document storage, communication, and mailing systems.

  • Real-time collaboration

    Simultaneous editing of any document and tracking its changes in real time.

  • Easy to work on all platforms

    Use all functions of MyOffice applications on all major platforms – Windows (starting with XP), all Linux-based operating systems, along with mobile iOS, Android, Tizen and Aurora (Sailfish).

  • Work with sample documents

    Unified system of state forms, templates, references and other sample documents which display on laptop, tablet and smartphone.

  • Spyware-free

    MyOffice does not track user actions, record or send any data to third parties.

  • High security

    Store documents in the organisation’s data center with convenient access to your data.

  • Integration opportunities

    Integrate MyOffice products with other systems and technologies used in your organisation.

  • Security

    Manage user rights for document viewing, commenting, editing and sharing.

  • Focus on customers

    We follow market trends and update MyOffice products according to customer requirements.

  • Favorable prices and fair licensing policy

    Flexible choices of MyOffice licensing allows organisations to optimize expenses for office applications.

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